Can Websites Create Websites? 3 Website Builders That are Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Earlier, the process of designing websites was quite complex and you needed a web designer to create even the simplest website. Or at least you had to be skillful enough to be able to use web technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. Gradually, website builders like wix.com, wordpress.org and others emerged, and websites could be built even by ordinary people who don’t have a deep knowledge of web technologies. Still, you had to invest a lot of time to build your website.

Although, you don’t have to be a graphics designer or developer to create a website, spending hours in front of your computer trying to figure out how to structure pages and what images, colors, and fonts to use is rather time-consuming. Therefore, a few companies have emerged that are trying to make web designing a whole lot easier by making use of artificial intelligence. You won’t be able to create a complex and large website with these technologies yet. However, it may be a convenient solution, if you need to build many microsites and landing pages at speed and at scale.

Let’s look at these 3 website builders that are powered by artificial intelligence.


1. The Grid is one of the earliest web design companies who claimed that their website that is powered by artificial intelligence can build other websites. To make it more personal, they named their AI a designer Molly. Although it sounds very cool, the Molly offers rather limited website customization possibilities. She is not that sophisticated, yet and there are many controversial reviews regarding The Grid. However, it might improve over time.


2. Firedrop is another web builder that makes use of AI. Sacha is the name of their AI web designer. In order to create your website with this tool, you need to chat with Sacha and she will create a basic one-page website for you. Afterward, you can customize it according to your needs, by adding additional sections, pictures, and texts.



3. Maybe you already know Wix, the website builder that offers hosting, domain name and web designing features. Additionally, to their standard features, you can choose to use also their ADI technology. What is WIX ADI? It’s a technology that is empowered by artificial intelligence. If you use WIX ADI, you will need to answer some basic questions and enter the name of your business. So that their virtual AI assistant can search for all relevant information regarding your business across the internet and generate a website in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you can always combine AI with manual tweaking and coding till you get your website to look just the way you like it.


It might be too early for graphics or web designers to worry about losing their jobs, because of the web design AIs and machine learning robots. Sometimes, they still are unable to deliver what people are looking for. However, with the rapid advancement of AI technologies, it may not be too long before self-designing websites become a common tool for creating our websites.

Did you know that some of online logo maker tools also use artificial intelligence to emulate the work of a professional designer and can create original logos and even simple brand books? I have listed 5 logo maker tools that are powered by artificial intelligence in this article. Check them out if you want to create a new logo or just get some inspiration.  

Would you try a web design AI to make your website? Or what tools or platforms do you use for your website? Let me know in the comment section below! 

Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.

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