Tools and Resources for Your Digital Marketing

I have tested many marketing and design tools that are available on the Internet. Mostly those that are free of charge. The problem is these tools usually have significant functionality limitations. As a result, I have spent a long time trying to find a functionality that doesn’t exist, while it would have been much easier to make a small investment and get this functionality with a paid product. I’ll be honest – the links below are my affiliate links. However, I actually use these tools and resources. I love their functionality, and this is why I’m suggesting them to you.

1. Aweber

If you have a blog, or any other more or less digital business, email marketing is a must. If you need email signup forms, templates, tracking, data base segmentation, and email automation, check out Aweber. You can do it for free the first 30 days to be sure that this tool is exactly what you need. Afterwards the price starts from just $19 a month.

2. Instapage

In order to create your email data base, you will need a landing page. Instapage  is one of the most cost-effective solutions available. You won’t need to hire a web designer to create a landing page for you. Just signup and get conversion-ready templates, landing page builders, analytics, and other functionality to grow your data base. Test it for free, and if it works for you, the monthly subscription fee is just $29.

3. FreeWebstore

My all-time favorite web store builder is FreeWebstore. It has all the functionality I personally need: great and easily customizable store design templates, product and stock level management, checkout customization, SEO optimization, reporting, and many other functions. The best thing is you can start your web store for free.  When your store is ready, and you feel that you would like to develop it even more, just pay $12 a month.

4. Dreamstime

I have written a blog post where more than 60 free stock image resources are listed. And you can definitely use them. But the truth is that you can’t always find the quality images you need on these websites. Therefore it is good to know some cheap resources to buy good quality stock images. Check out Dreamstime! You can buy 5 high resolution and good quality images for $23 here, which is a really good price. Or get them even cheaper.

5. Fiverr

But if you don’t feel skillful enough, or just don’t have time to create a banner, intro video, draw a cartoon, format a kindle book, write a code or whatever, just pay $5 and hire somebody on Fiverr to do that for you.

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