My Favorite Tools and Resources for Self-publishing and Content Creation

I get asked all the time what tools and resources I use to self-publish my books and create content for social media. This is the list of my favorite tools – free and paid. 

NOTE: Of course, some links on this page are affiliate links. That means I earn money if you buy through my link. This, in no way, affects my suggestions. I only recommend products I know, love, and trust. 


Free Online Tools Book Series


Get easy to use manuals with many free tools that you can use to create content for social media and be more productive. The series consists of 3 books.  

Be Your Own Designer Book Series


Do you want to learn the graphic design principles that are used to create great logos and other visuals? Then get these two books. They will explain to you the fundamental principles of branding, composition, and color schemes.  

Sell Books on Amazon Series


Many new self-published authors struggle with book sales on Amazon because they simply publish random books that they THINK will sell. The truth is, in order to earn a recurring passive income stream, you must do thorough research first and plan your book publishing strategy well before you even write a word. Get this series and learn how!


List Building Program by GetResponse


Have you ever wondered how to boost your email list? If you want to be successful with email marketing, you will LOVE this FREE online course. It covers everything you need in order to grow a list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days.

Amazon Ads online course by Dave Chesson


Learn to profitably promote your books right in the Amazon marketplace to target your audience while they are searching for your topic. Watch this FREE online course and start creating effective Amazon ads.  It’s very informative.

DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson


This book will give you access to all the processes, funnels, frameworks, and scripts that high-level digital marketing experts use to scale companies online. As a result, you will be able to create your own sales funnel and turn it into a profitable business model! It’s one of my favorite books on digital marketing.


Tools to Find Niches & Keywords 

Google Keyword Planner


Get an idea of how popular your chosen topic is. If you type in this tool a word or a phrase you’re considering for your Kindle book, Google will show you the EXACT number of searches monthly. This will give you an idea of how many people are searching for your topic on Google.

Google Trends


Will help you to evaluate the interest in a given keyword or topic. It shows how search habits have changed over time and whether the interest in your topic is increasing or decreasing. It’s a good tool for making sure that you are not going to invest your time in writing a book about a still-popular-but-waning topic.

Publisher Rocket


This tool will will find bestselling book keywords, categories that are easy to rank for, and show competitors’ book sales estimates so that you can position your books better and get more sales. Publisher Rocket is a huge time saver. And, if you are serious about building your passive income stream with Kindle book publishing, I highly suggest you have it. 

Amazon Book Sales Calculator


Estimates how many sales any eBook or print book on Amazon is currently selling considering its sales rank. Type that number in this simple Amazon Book Sales Calculator and get the numbers. 




Copy the ASIN from any Amazon book product page, go to this tool, and paste it here. You will see all the categories where this book is listed on Amazon. 

AMZ Suggestion Expander


Expands the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar. It also shows the keywords that Amazon would suggest before and after the keywords you have entered. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly see what keywords people use when trying to find books about your topic on Amazon.

Other Tools for Authors

Book Description Generator


Since Amazon setup page doesn’t offer formatting options, you can do this with a free book description generator. Simply paste your text in a box, do your formatting, and then press “generate my code.” Then take that copy and paste it into the Amazon KDP setup page. You will get a beautifully formatted book description. 




A tool that automatically publishes your book on the main online bookstores, for example, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ScribdTolino, and many others.  



Points out your mistakes as you are writing and suggests synonyms that will improve your writing style and readability. You can use either their online tool or download a free plugin for Word and get suggestions from Grammarly directly in your text document.  

Tools to Create Content for Social Media



A great tool for creating beautiful images. It offers interesting backgrounds, effects, and also a gallery of various pictures and templates, which can be used to create your own design. 



A cool tool to create all kinds of mockups online. It offers more than 2800 templates to choose from. You can generate a mockup for your book, web page, online course, logo, t-shirt, or even a hat. Actually, there are many more categories. Simply check them out.  

Envato Elements


Offers thousands of inspiring and ready-to-use photos, templates, fonts, and assets that you can easily customize in a graphic design software. Use this resource to create eye-catching and unique social media content and great book cover designs! 




Offers a broad range of images that you can use for creating content for social media or your book covers. Moreover, the prices are really affordable. 



My favorite YouTube video optimization tool that has helped me reach thousands of video viewers by finding the most appropriate and easy-to-rank keywords. 



Hire freelancers for many different tasks – starting from proofreading and editing, animation creation or book cover design to programming and market research, and many other services. A basic gig costs 5$. 

Tools to Build Your Email List  



My own favorite email marketing software because it has all features to build good looking landing pages with subscription forms, pop-ups for my WordPress based web page, sophisticated email automation sequence, and even simple lead generation and sales funnels.



Provides a feature that allows authors to promote each other’s free books (or only samples) to their email lists, and this way, they quickly grow their email lists. It easily integrates with Getresponse. 

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