How to Setup Twitter Profile That Generates Leads?

At the time I’m writing this article, I have more than 20,000 followers on Twitter, and this number is increasing every day. You can check my profile here. Thanks to my Twitter followers and their retweets; about 20% of my website traffic comes from Twitter. Moreover, they are my social proof that increases my authority in other prospective customers eyes because people tend to perceive something as more valuable if they see that others also value it. If they see that already more than 11,000 people follow me on Twitter, they unconsciously assume that I must have something valuable to say.

One of the biggest mistakes I have noticed in Twitter user profiles is that they use abstract pictures as their headers, instead of using this area as an additional place for their product or service advertising. It is a huge mistake because your Twitter profile is your chance to attract more customers, generate leads and build your email list. For example, you can put here information about your lead magnet or something that your prospects want so much that they would gladly give you their email addresses. This can be a useful pdf book, online course or a sales coupon. In any case, it must be something valuable to set the tone for how your audience perceives you. In my case, it is eBook 100+ Free Tools to Create Visuals for Web & Social Media. As you see, I have placed my banner here and a link to my subscription page in my bio section. 


This is how it looks on a smartphone screen.


If you are creating a Twitter profile for your personal brand with your own name and you want to promote yourself as an expert in your field, it is important to add your photo either as your profile picture or in your cover photo, too. I won’t go deep in tips for likable profile images because if you are interested in this topic, read the recommendations that are based on the results of a study made by PhotoFeeler. They will give you insight on what to consider when choosing your profile picture for social networks.

Now let’s return to your email list. Why do you need to have one? Because when you have a huge email list, you can sell to these people directly and cheaply without the help of Twitter, Facebook or other social media that charge money for every advertisement you publish and dictates their own rules what and how can be advertised here. Who knows? Maybe one day you won’t be able to get free reach on social networks anymore, or the prices for advertising will grow even more than they have grown already. If you have your own email list with prospective or already existing customers, you can sell your products and services much cheaper. Check out my infographic here, where I compare costs of social network and email marketing. You will see that email marketing is less costly and more effective. This is why you need to use every possibility to grow your email list. And Twitter profile header is one of the places you can do that. Actually, I think that Twitter is one of the cheapest and most effective traffic sources for a beginner blogger. 


Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.

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