List of 25 Online Logo Maker Tools – Create a Text Based or Icon Based Logo

If you have a small startup, blog or other project that needs a logo, it’s actually not a problem, because nowadays there are many online logo maker tools that can be used to generate your logo either free of charge or for a small amount of money. Most of them have really advanced logo editing tools that allow you to choose good looking logo icons, adjust colors, sizes, change fonts and download png files. Just visit the free online logo maker sites and start creating your logo. However, during the creation process make sure that your logo reflects your brand’s personality and stays simple. Learn more about principles of good logo design here.

The basic thing you need at least in the beginning is your logo in a PNG file with a transparent background, which means you can place it on any other background without having a white square / rectangular background. And you can create one with the help of logo online makers. Some of them are free of charge, some of them are paid. You can use them to create either icon based or text based logo.

Free Logo Online Makers – Make Free Icon Based Logos Online


 Create your icon based logo online free of charge using the logo maker tools listed below.

 1. FreeLogoDesign – offers different customization variations so that you can design your own symbol for your business or blog logo. Add and mix additional shapes, icons and even logo templates to fully customize your logo. You will get 200×200 px png file for free and eps, pdf and high resolution png for 39$.

 2. Logaster

Here, you can easily create your logo and get a small size file for free, but if you need a higher resolution file (png, pdf, svg and jpeg), then it’s a paid service. Depending on your needs, you will have to pay from $9.99 to $24.99. They also offer brandkits and other products for additional money.

3. TheFreeLogoMakers – customize any of the base designs offered by this tool – change colors, size, number of elements, placement, orientation, and more. You will receive a free 500 pixels wide transparent PNG image. If you want a vector version of your design, multiple transparent pngs and your font files, then buy their Professional package.

4. LogoTypeMaker – use their logo templates, edit and customize them and create your free logo; however attribution is required. You must add a link on your website to their webpage to use your free logo. If you don’t want to make attribution, pay for premium logo $24.99.

5. Logo Garden – great selection of symbols, fonts and possibilities to edit and adapt your unique logo. Free low resolution logo in jpg format. 12.50$ for a high resolution logo, and 39.99$ for a vector file.

6. SquareSpace – create a simple logo from simple shapes and symbols. You will get a low resolution png file for free and high resolution png file – for 10$.

7. Logocraft – online logo creator. Choose one of their cliparts and add your text. You can access the logos you create anytime and edit them further.

8. OnlineLogoMaker – simple logo designs. Create your own logo and get a free png file.

9. Hipster Logo Generator – one more free tool for simple logos. You will get a 600x500px png file for free, higher resolution files will cost you 5$.

Free Text Based Logo Online Makers

 text_based logo


If you need a logo that is text based with no symbols, try using these free tools.

10. Supalogo – a tool for creating a text based logo for free. Very simple to use. You can even look at samples, click edit and start from there. When done, download your png file.

11. CoolText – choose your design and adapt it according to your needs. When finished, download its png file for free.

12. FlamingText – offers some interesting designs for text based logos. Free to use however you like. To remove their watermark, you will have to pay starting from 2.99$ (for up to five logos a month). Good choice if you need to generate several logos.

13. Textcraft – generates text based logos with different textures and colors. You can download it as png file and use however you want.

Paid Icon Based and Text Based Online Logo Makers

Tailor Brands icon based logo

Good quality for a low price – a list of paid, but affordable online logo maker tools. Some of them offer really advanced functionality, which almost substitute a real designer work.

 14. Logoshi

Very interesting and creative tool! Sketch your logo (use 2 or 3 colors), enter your company name and see what their tool generates for you. You will get very personalized logo that corresponds to your sketch. Download its eps and png files for $19.

15. GraphicSprings Logo Creator – create your logo for free; however if you want to use it, the price for the files is $19.99. A simple solution for business owners, startups, and online companies.

16. Designhill  – convenient interface, good selection of logo designs, easily editable logos. Price – from 20$.

17. VistaPrint – creates good quality logos that can easily be adapted according to your needs (color, fonts, symbols) for 25$. And you will get four versions of your logo: color, black and white, vertical and horizontal and icon only.

18. LogoSnap – advanced logo editor tool, great variety of symbols and suggested good looking fonts for each of them. 29 $ for eps, jpg and png files.

19. Free Logo Services – logo maker tool with a wide variety of designs. If you like your logo design, pay only €29.95 for the files.

20. Designimo – good quality logos for 29.95$. You’ll be able to download high resolution PNG, JPG and EPS Vector files.

21. Make Logo Online Free – logo making tool with a wide variety of designs that you can use to create your own logo for 29.99$ (png, jpg and vector files). If you share their information on Facebook and Twitter, you can probably get it for a half of the price.

22. Logo Shuffle – just enter your business name, keywords and select the design. Price – starting from 29EUR.

23. Design Mantic  – good logo designs and convenient editing tool. You will get PDF, JPEG and PNG file types for 37$.

24. Tailor Brands – great tool for designing your own unique style and brand. They offer a great variety of qualitative icon based, name based and initials based logo designs. The tool will generate several examples, based on your preferred logo style and business description. You will be able to edit your chosen logo template and adjust it according to your needs. High resolution logo and eps file costs 39$. Undoubtedly worth the price.

25. Logo Genie – a rather expensive tool that provides basic editable designs for 66$.

Did you know that you can design your own logo symbol in PowerPoint and PicMonkey, as well? Enroll in my my course “Create a Logo for Your Startup or Blog”  and learn how to make your logo according to the best logo design principles and practices using PowerPoint and PicMonkey. In this course you will also learn how to test your logo to be sure that it will look good and will be readable on different color backgrounds and in different sizes. And in the bonus section you will find out where you can get free images for your other design projects and how to add new fonts to your computer. Enroll and create your logo now!

Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.


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