Often self-published authors do not have funds for hiring a professional designer and really struggle with creating their book cover designs and their promotional visuals. This is why I have made these free eBook cover templates. I have made them in PowerPoint because you can be rather creative in this program and get high-quality images.

Moreover, since we all know that book cover design is one of the essential ingredients in selling your book, it’s very important to make sure you follow some general guidelines to make it successful. Because while the old adage says that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that people do judge books by their covers. Allways. So, to grab the attention of your potential readers, you’ll want to make sure your cover clearly conveys the topic and genre of your book. To help you, even more, I have also summarized the main tips that are given by professional book cover designers.


So, use the free eBook cover templates and guidelines to create your own cool book covers.

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