5 Logo Maker Tools that are Powered by Artificial Intelligence AI

The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) is incredibly fast. Especially in marketing. Most probably, you already know that there are tons of online tools that can generate simple logos for your business. But did you know that some of them use artificial intelligence to emulate the work of a professional designer and can create original logos and even simple brand books? The five AI based logo maker tools that I have listed below can be handy if you want to create a new logo or just get some inspiration.  Of course, they are not ideal yet; however, they are interesting enough to be checked out because instead of fixed templates that other logo generators use, these AI logo generators create new logos for every single customer.

  1. Logoshi – this is a fun tool that can be used in several creative ways. Insert your business name, slogan, initials and choose colors, and its AI logo designer will generate countless variations of your logo to choose from. Moreover, you can use any of 1.3 million icons it provides. Select the one you like and edit it until you achieve the result you are looking for. But if you want to create something more original, draw a simple sketch of your logo or even just few doodles and see what this tool will generate for you. It might be a fun experience.


2. Tailor Brands – this is a similar AI logo design tool that in some cases can substitute a professional designer. Simply choose your industry, write a few words about your business, select the style of your logo and wait for the virtual AI designer to create it. Moreover, you can use this tool to generate a simple landing page for your business and see how your logo would appear on business cards and social media posts. You will need to pay a monthly subscription though, therefore it could rather be a good solution for a short-term project.

3. Logo Joy –  one more AI logo generator that can generate a list of interesting logo designs. You will need to start by choosing the preferred style, icons, and colors, for your logo. And the tool will do the rest. These are few examples that I got.

4. Logo AI – a simple and very user-friendly tool that uses AI to create a huge variety of logo designs. Just enter your logo name and let their AI logo designer take over from there.

5. My Emblem – if you don’t feel that a logo is enough, and you also need a brand book and branding guidelines, try out this tool. You can either create a brand book and social media kit for your already existing logo or create a new logo and brand book from scratch. Having a brand book will make your and your designer life much easier. Because it will give you a solid framework to use as a starting point for creating your visuals. Therefore, all your communication will be relevant and related to your brand’s goals. So, maybe it’s worth checking out.

So, as you see it has never been easier to create a logo and even a brand book. Nowadays the design process is much more accessible to everyone and these tools can be of a great help to people who need to get something off the ground quickly.

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Did I miss any great AI logo generator tool? Let me know in the comments section. And I’d love to know what your experience is in using them!

Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.

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