10 Free Tools to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Competitors

It’s amazing what data you can find out about any profile that actively uses Twitter marketing. You can literary spy on them. All you need to do is to search for their profiles and analyze their marketing tactics and techniques by doing reverse engineering. Look at their tweets and analyze what and how often they are tweeting, what is the goal of your competitor tweets – do they use Twitter to generate traffic to their website, build their email list, promote sales campaigns, build brand and their followers’ loyalty? What Twitter marketing tactics they use? If they constantly use the same techniques over a long period, most probably they work for them.

There are also several tools you can use free of charge to analyze your competitor Twitter profiles and their performance. All these tools have also paid features that you can use for deeper analysis if you wish, but you can get rather good insights also by using only their free features.

1. Who has higher Twitter profile ranking – you or your competitors? Use Followerwonk  to find it out. You will see also the percentage of retweets as well as other interesting data.

2. Twitonomy – simply sign in with your Twitter profile and analyze your or any other Twitter user profile (how often and what times tweets are posted, mentions, likes and retweets statistics, public lists the profile is included in as a member and other data).

3. Tweepi – sort your competitors’ followers by the number of updates they have, their following count, location and other criteria. Therefore, you can see who their most influential followers are (those with the highest number of followers). You can also try to “steal” some of the potentially most valuable followers by starting to follow them directly from this application and building relationships with them.

4. TweetReach – find out which are the most retweeted tweets and biggest contributors of your competitors. You can also analyze estimated reach and top contributors of specific hashtags.

5. Twitter Analytics Report Card – compare several Twitter accounts at the same time and see how you perform against your competition.

6. Foller – will show you general Twitter profile information, the main topics your competitor talks about, and its most popular hashtags, as well as mentions and analysis for the last 100 tweets.

7. Mentionmapp – provides an analysis of who a person is communicating with and their most recent tweets. Use this tool to analyze your competitors’ communication networks and see if you can find new relevant people to follow and engage with.


8. SocialBearing – will show you engagement rate for every tweet of your chosen account – either competitor’s or yours. You can also spy on how many tweets a day other post, in how many lists the account is added and see other interesting statistics. The results may surprise you. Just write down the handle of Twitter account you want to spy on and see the results.

9. Twitter Listscreate a secret list of all your competitor profiles and then easily follow their tweets in one place so that you always are informed what marketing campaigns they are doing. Click on your profile photo to see the menu and choose “Lists.” Create a new list and make it private (only visible to you) so that your competitors don’t know you are spying them.

Then add to this list all profiles you want and see their tweets in one place. Just go to the profile you want to include in your list and open the menu by clicking on the three dots near “Follow” button. Then choose “Add or remove from lists.” Now you will always be up-to-date regarding your competitor activities on Twitter.

10.  Twitter Advanced Search – find out what conversations your competitors are having on Twitter. Simply search for the @username of your competitor. You can also specify the period, and location, hashtags, keywords and other parameters to narrow down the results. Save this search by clicking on the more icon (three dots) at the top of your results page to quickly use it whenever you need it. Next time you click the search box, a pop-up menu will display your saved searches.


Therefore, you can see the newest mentions of your competitors. You can create similar searches for mentions of your profile or any other Twitter profile you are interested in, as well.

In the case, you don’t know who your competitors are or simply want to find other bloggers who write about similar topics like you do, search for them using the keywords and hashtags you are interested in. You will get the results with all Twitter profiles that tweet about the topics you searched.  In the example below I’m searching for those profiles that write about cats and dogs. But I don’t want to find those who write about cat and dog food; therefore, I have excluded the word “food.” You can also use other search parameters to narrow down your search results: location, dates, languages and other.


Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.

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