Create Your Book Cover Mockup with FREE Tools

If you want to promote your digital book, report or booklet, it is very important to make it look tangible to attract the attention of your target audience. The good news is that you don’t need to hire an expensive designer to create your book cover mockup. If you have already created your book cover design,  (you can easily create it with these free tools), then all you need to do is to convert it into a beautiful mockup.

There are several possible solutions you can use:

  1. Book Cover Mockup Tools

 One of such tools is Adazing. With this tool, you can choose from different formats to create your book or DVD cover mockup, or even put your image on a notepad screen. This is the result you might expect.

A useful tool is also MyCoverMaker, which will create a good quality book and notebook mockups. Here is the result I got.

One of my favorite tools is MagicMockups. It doesn’t provide the possibility to create a book cover mockup, but you can visualize how your web page, online course or even Kindle book would look like on a desktop, laptop or a notepad screen.

Sure, free services won’t give you a large, high-resolution file for free. However, the quality will be good enough for your website and social networks.

  1. One more option is to create your book cover mockup yourself with online editing tool Pixlr.

First, find a good looking book image in Google. Like this one.

You can download it here. Then open this image in Pixlr. And open your book cover image as a layer. Go to Edit –> Free Transform and resize it. Hold the shift button to get a proportional resize without distorting. When finished, go to Free Distort to align your book’s corners. Press Enter, when you are satisfied with the result. Watch a video tutorial here.

That’s it. You have your book cover mockup that you can use wherever you like.

  1. If you want to show your ebook on a screen of a notepad or a screenshot of your online course on a laptop screen, you can actually create a mockup even by yourself without additional tools.

All you need is a picture with a frontal view of a laptop or notepad.


You can download my samples here. Then open this picture in any image editing tool or software, or even in MS Word or MS PowerPoint. Insert image of your book cover or online course screenshot and place it on the screen area and adjust its size. When finished, save it as a png file with the right click of your mouse. Get a result like this.

In conclusion, remember that it is important to create a good quality book cover before you start working on its mockup. Because having a poor one might reduce your book’s success. Therefore, consider your book’s content and target audience when you are designing its cover. It must attract their attention either in printed or digital format if you are selling it as an ebook. Learn more about good design principles in my book The Visual Design Principles for Advertisers & Marketers: Increase Your Marketing Results With Visuals That Sell.


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