6 Online Tools to Remove Background from Image

Sometimes backgrounds can be really disturbing. Especially, if you need to put your image on a new background. If you don’t have a professional image editing software like Photoshop it can even feel like mission impossible. And even if you have one you may need to spend a lot of time, learning how to correctly remove background from image. But if you cannot afford or just don’t need expensive software, then you could consider hiring a designer to do it for you, which again costs money.

However, it is luckily not as complicated as it may seem at the first glance. The truth is that there are many absolutely free options that you can use to instantly get rid of the background and use your image as you wish.

List of 6 Online Tools to Remove Background from Image

tools to remove image background

Use these tools to remove image background when, monolith objects need to be cut out.

 1. FunBrain – simple and rather convenient tool for background removal. Just mask the part of the image you need and remove the rest. Read the tutorial here.

2. FotoFlexer is a tool that works similarly to Clipping Magic, but is free of charge. It doesn’t provide so modern and intuitive design and functions as the paid Clipping Magic, but can be good enough for simple projects.

After uploading your photo:

  1. Click the Geek tab on the far right in the tab menu at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Smart Cutout
  3. define the keep or delete regions
  4. follow the instructions in the tutorial window

 3. EditPhotosForFree – one more tool for background removal. Use the edge tool to draw an edge over the image, mark foreground and background and hit convert to get transparent image background.

4. Burner Bonanza – quickly removes the background from any image or photo. First removes the background automatically, then you can touch up your image manually to improve the result. Has also its paid version for professionals – starting from 9.95 $/month.

Use these tools to remove image background, if your object has many small details

5. Online Image Editor – can be your choice, if you want to remove the background manually. Works better for removal of solid colored backgrounds. Read the instructions here.

6. Lunapic  – go to Edit->Transparent and select the color you want to remove. May be a good solution for solid color background, but not so convenient for multicolor backgrounds.

 Do you know that you can easily remove image background even with MS Word 2010? Read the tutorial here.

Author: Anita Nipane

Marketing professional, blogger, book author and Udemy instructor.


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