Hi! I'm Anita Nipane.

I tell people about free tools they can use for their social media and digital marketing.

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My Online Courses on Udemy

Create a Logo For Your Startup or Blog by Yourself

Learn the main principles of logo design and practical techniques to create your logo. Create your logo in PowerPoint or PicMonkey.

Create a Logo & Eye Catching Social Network Images

Learn how to use FREE tools to create your logo design, social network cover photos and shareable post images.

My Books

The Visual Design Principles for Marketers & Advertisers

Everything starting from a business card and letterhead to your huge outdoor advertisement must help you to sell your products, services, and brand. Therefore it is important to know the basic principles of a good-looking design.

Effective Logo Design

This book won’t teach you how to technically design a logo. It is not meant for professional designers either. This book is for small company owners, bloggers and even marketers who want to be sure that their logo is well designed. Its purpose is to introduce you to the main logo designing principles.

Twitter Marketing Growth Hacks

Learn effective and time saving hacks to grow your Twitter following, get more traffic to your website, and collect more leads.

Latest Blog

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